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*This calculator provides estimates based on a year-long evaluation of Kwoter's implementation at an insurance brokerage on one non-standard product type. Before adopting Kwoter, the brokerage had to enter client details four times per quote: once into their own system and three times into various insurers' systems. With Kwoter, client information only needed to be entered once, resulting in a 75% decrease in data entry efforts.

The operational improvements from this implementation showed a 58% increase in daily quote completions. This calculator uses these metrics to predict potential improvements for your organisation, based on your current daily quote volume and data entry frequency. The results are proportionally adjusted to reflect similar gains.

Use our calculator to see what using Kwoter could mean for your insurance brokerage

Please use the entry box below to input details for an existing product line that currently requires manual client information entry into multiple insurers' systems for quote retrieval.

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